PCV Site Visit

We’ve been in training for 1 month now, and it’s flown by. Three days a week we have Spanish class, and two days a week we have technical training which covers topics about Costa Rican youth, various community agencies, tools and skills needed for our placements and successful integration into our communities, project ideas, etc.

After our 3rd week, we were divided up and sent to spend a few days with a current Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) in their site in order to get a glimpse of what daily life is like for them, as well as get to know their projects and meet their counterparts. Another Peace Corps trainee (PCT) and I traveled 5 hours north by bus to a border town called Los Chiles where the PCV works with a local school and multiple other organizations in effort to assist local professionals and organizations in creating self-sustaining projects. She introduced us to the school counselors, teachers, students, and we had the opportunity to do some ice-breakers with some of the 7th grade classes. She was also able to show us a lot of the challenges that PCV’s face on site, for example the school being under construction for the first few months of the school year. 

I was and continue to be incredibly impressed with my new friend and the way she has integrated into her community and offers herself so freely to serve and support the local community. I saw such love and appreciation in the eyes of those who know her and work with her, and her passion for the people there is contagious. I’m thankful that she was able to show us many sides to being a PCV, and I feel much more at ease with what’s to come. I couldn’t have asked for a better site visit, and I feel like it reminded me why I love this country and wanted to do this work in the first place!

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