Things You Can Buy for $1 or Less in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become an expensive place to live. Depending on where one lives, prices vary. Goods and services are quite a bit more expensive where I live now than they were where I lived during training. For example, in Heredia I could get my hair cut, colored, and styled for about $20. Here in Osa, this same service costs around $50. Something we Americans love as much as peanut butter or pepper jack cheese costs up to $15 in some places. At the border of Costa Rica and Panama, however, I have found peanut butter for the same price as in the states. Stores catering to tourists sometimes stock items such as Dr. Pepper, Kraft mac and cheese, or goldfish crackers.

Below are some photos of items in the grocery store that cost around one dollar or less. Locally grown vegetables such as cilantro and yuca are cheaper, while imported fruits such as Fuji apples cost more. Cereal is quite expensive, but sometimes Corn Flakes goes on sale and is available for around $1 for a small box.

Below are a few pictures of items in the BM, a grocery store, that at the time could be purchased for around $1. The exchange rate fluctuates daily, but at the moment 553.02 colones equals $1.


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